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Your Very Own Guidebook – Lisbon Chapter

January 25, 2011

Way back in 2007, when TAP took its first trip to Germany, every student kept a journal throughout the trip.  This was a fantastic idea, because it preservedthe memories and feelings those kids had during their trip forever.

In an Irish hotel, Dylan discussed the day's events with Miss Filetti and Mr. Doerr while the group works on their journals.

Most of the kids also lugged around some sort of travel guide book.  Some of those are great.  The TAP teachers find the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide books invaluable when planning our trips.  However, they’re heavy, take up space in your suitcase, and have lots of information that we just don’t need (restaurants, hotels, airports…).

So, a few years ago we decided to make our own guidebooks.  Actually, let’s rephrase that – YOU are making YOUR OWN TRAVEL GUIDE BOOKS!!!  Your books will be full of just the stuff you find important and interesting – stuff about the places we’ll see, the things we’ll learn, and the people and traditions we’ll encounter.  Along the way, while you’re writing your books, you’ll accidentally find out about tons of hidden gems – great pieces of information and sites that you’ll want to see that we might have missed otherwise.

To top it off, when we’re done writing your book – we’ll add in a few pages more – places for you to journal about what you saw, how you felt, and the things you experienced while on your amazing trip.

This is your book. Make it as good as you want it to be.  This is something you’re going to save and keep for the rest of your life.  The 8th grader that submits the best article on each topic will have their work published in our group’s guidebook (if a 6th or 7th grader writes a better article, well… that’s just embarrassing for you Spain kids).

Allison and Taylor work on Celtic lettering one night in Dublin.

This week we’re going to work on the first chapter of our book – which will be about the first city we’re visiting on this year’s trip – Lisbon.  Take a look at the online worksheet on the next page and take some time to do a little research and writing about Portugal’s capital city.   We promise you, this work will make your trip better.  You’ll find little things that you want to see and do, you’ll learn bits of history that will make what we see more meaningful, and you’ll know the stories behind all the things we do in Lisbon.


Each 8th grader (and any other TAP kids that want to help) will do some research and fill out the following form.  The best “articles” the TAP teachers receive on each topic will be published in your book.

Please remember to write like you’re submitting this for publication in a book – because you are.

Use correct grammar and spelling (or at least do the best you can) like it’s for a grade – because it is.

Try to avoid that weird text message language that kids use online all the time.  Write in regular English that your grandma could read – because she might.

Make sure you’re 100% happy with your answers before you hit submit.

Do not plagiarize.  That means – use your own words.

Please have your work done and submitted before the next meeting – February 2nd.

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