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Your Very Own Guidebook – Gibraltar/Morocco Chapter

March 5, 2011

This week’s meeting actually focused on two stops from our trip – Gibraltar and Morocco.  That’s a ton of information, so I’m going to allow you to choose what you want to research – The British colony or the African country.

Below are 6 questions.  Answer 3 of them.  If you want to answer all Gibraltar ones, fine.  If you prefer to research just Morocco, that’s fine too.  If you want to answer some of each, we’re okay with that.  If you want to answer all of them, well, then you just became Mr. Curtis’ favorite.

During your research, be sure to stop and read this little article about some odd Spanish Christmas customs.

Each 8th grader (and any other TAP kids that want to help) will do some research and fill out the following form.  The best “articles” the TAP teachers receive on each topic will be published in your book.

Please remember to write like you’re submitting this for publication in a book – because you are.

Use correct grammar and spelling (or at least do the best you can) like it’s for a grade – because it is.

Try to avoid that weird text message language that kids use online all the time.  Write in regular English that your grandma could read – because she might.

Make sure you’re 100% happy with your answers before you hit submit.

Do not plagiarize.  That means – use your own words.

Please have your work done and submitted before the next meeting – March 9th.

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