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Who Likes to Eat Out???

April 28, 2011

Really, who doesen’t like to eat out???  We like that we don’t have to cook.  We like that we don’t have to do dishes.  And, we love to try different stuff.  The only bad part about taking your family out to eat is the cost.  Restaurants are expensive.  That’s why this new fundraiser is awesome. is a fantastic website that makes dining out cheap.  In my family, we like to try new places and different food, so we love this site.  In fact, we buy giftcards all the time for birthday, graduation, and mothers/fathers day gifts.

For just 10 bucks, you can purchase a $25 gift card to any of 1,000s of restaurants all around the country.  I’m no math wizard, but that sounds like $15 in free food to me!!!  Now, is teaming up with different charity organizations like our student travel group to kill three birds with one stone – get you out to a new restaurant, save you money, and help out groups like TAP.

All you pay for the $25 gift card is $10!!!

And, to make it even sweeter, gives $4 to TAP for every card sold!

Just click on the giftcard to find out what local restaurants are participating, to share the info with friends (via email, Twitter, or Facebook), or to purchase 5 or 10 of these things for all the moms, dads, and grads you’re looking for gifts for this spring.

So, take your family out to dinner, save some money, and help out TAP all at the same time. The best part to me is there’s even a Japanese restaurant in Romeoville on there – maybe all of us can head out there and try some Japanese food this summer before we head to Japan in 2012.

Happy dining everyone!

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