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Favorite Pics

June 28, 2011

Every trip I’ve taken with TAP has had a few moments where I think to myself – if I could take a picture of this moment, if my little camera and my questionable photography skills could capture what I see right here, this would sum it all up.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  You can’t capture the feeling of walking through a concentration camp in Germany.  No matter how many shots I took, none of them would put that sick feeling I had in my gut all day into my photo album.  Even if I had the fanciest camera in the world, I wouldn’t be able to take a picture that shows how different each of the Greek islands was, and I wouldn’t be able to capture the ancient ruins in Rome and the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, and I’d never be able to put the warm friendly people of Ireland into a picture.  However, this time, with our Spain trip, I think I’ve done it.  I think I managed to sum up the whole trip with one shot.

This picture may not work for everyone.  It may not summarize the adventure for the 33 other folks on the tour, but for me, this moment captures the magic, the amazement, and the wonder of Spain.  Enough words.  Here’s my trip…

If you have a favorite picture from your travels (either with TAP or without), please send it to us at along with a brief explanation of the picture (who, what, where, when, why) and we’d be happy to share it here on our site.

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