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TAP Documents

Minooka announcement flyer 2019

Sox flyer 2016Here’s the place to go to find any handouts or forms you need a copy of.

TAP’s Academic Requirements – This sheet shows you all you need to do in order to show responsibility, initiative, and an eagerness to learn about the places we’re visiting.

France 2016 Summer Homework – This page shows the summer assignments given to students traveling on our 2016 trip to Benelux and France.

The TAP Packet– This packet contains all the rules and regulations about behavior and expectations while on our tours.  It also gives tips on packing, foreign currency, and how to prepare for foreign travel.  It is, essentially, the TAP handbook.

Travel Affidavit– Remember, each student needs an affidavit to enter South Africa.  This form needs to be notarized no sooner than 30 days before travel.

Liability Waiver– For some of our trips, EF requires a liability waiver to be filled out.  In those cases, travelers will not be allowed on the plane without the waiver filled out and signed.

2016 TAP Gear Orders– This year, all of our t-shirt and hoodie orders will be done online. We have two different designs available.

The first design is our Global Icons Logo hoodie.  A Royal Blue Zip-Up Hoodie – TAP Adventures logo on the front. Globe surrounded by 24 iconic symbols of the countries TAP has visited on the back.
The second design is our classic logo on the front, with an inspirational travel quote on the back.  The TAP Adventures logo on the front (this is not shown in picture) should appear as a distressed/aged look like those cool vintage t-shirts.  The back features the quote “and then I realized adventures are the best way to learn.”
This item is available in four different products: a t-shirt, a ladies cut t-shirt, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a pull-over hoodie.  Feel free to order whichever items suit your needs.

Chicago White Sox 2016 Fundraiser – This will be our 6th annual TAP outing to a Sox game to help raise money for our group.  This year we’ll attend a game on July 22nd at 6:10pm against the Detroit Tigers.  It will be a Fireworks Night, and the team will be celebrating Christmas in July.   Come join us for the fun and bring 25 of your closest friends.

Currency Exchange Form – Use this form if you’d like to take part in our group exchange to save a few bucks on fees

Traveler Emergency Information Form– This is the form we need from everyone before we travel.  It gives us all that emergency contact info that we hope we never need.  Remember, we need a copy of your insurance card, your passport, and your state ID card with it.

TAP Adult Contract – If you’re a grown-up and traveling with us, we’d like you to understand a special set of rules and expectations just for you.  Please print a copy of this, sign it, and return it to a TAP teacher.

Photo Release Form – We like to take pictures and videos while we’re on our adventures.  We often post those pictures on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this page, so we need your permission to show your smiling face online.  All travelers will need to submit this form to us before departure.

Consent to Share Information Form– Every once in a while kids make silly mistakes and fail a class, get a detention or suspension, or find themselves in a difficult situation.  We understand that people make mistakes, but you all need to understand that we need to be confident that the kids we take on the trip are going to make the right decisions when faced with difficult situations.  This form gives us the right to talk to your child’s school administration, teachers, counselors, coaches, and other staff about academic, social, and behavioral issues so that if trouble arises we can be sure that we’ve gotten the whole story about any situations the students may find themselves in.

Little Caesar’s Flyer 2014 – This form gives you all the information you need to help raise some money for TAP with some delicious Little Caesar’s products.

Hoops Mania Info Packet 2014- Our biggest fundraiser of the year is a raffle ticket tied into the NCAA college basketball tournament in March.  This information packet explains the rules of the game and the details of the fund raiser.

Here is the document I give to other Group Leaders on training tours.   This way you only have to click on extremely long links instead of typing them in.


If you missed any meetings, here are some of our presentations.

9-27-14 Intro to South Africa

9-27-14 South Africa Parent Meeting

10-18-14 How to create your very own page on TAPopedia

10-18-14 South Africa A to Z

11-8-14 Apartheid and Nelson Mandela

11-8-14 The Zulu People

12-13-14 The Boers War

1-10-15 Mining in South Africa

1-10-15 France Parent Meeting

9-17-16 Andean Civlizations

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