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The Minooka TAP Video

A video montage of TAP trips past – featuring travelers from our Germany, Greece, Itlay, Ireland, Spain, and Japan trips.  We don’t think you can watch this and not want to travel the world.

I Heart Beijing

This video documentary was put together by Mr. Andrew White, a teacher in Houston, Texas that Mr. Curtis met while in China.  Mr. White gave us permission to share his movie with Minooka.  This video gives you a good idea of what it’s like to travel the world, and if you look closely, you can see Mr. Curtis a few times in the movie.  

Mr. C’s Trip to The Great Wall of China

This is an attempt at a panoramic view as Mr. C climbed around on China’s Great Wall.

Student Dance Performance in a Beijing High School

While Mr. C. was in China, he got to visit a Beijing high school and see some presentations by students in different classes.  This is a dance class showing us American teachers what they do.

Nate’s Awesome England Video

Nate Garner, one of the all-time best TAP travelers, made this incredible video highlighting the best moments from our 2013 tour of England.

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