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TAPplication Jr.

TAP Jr. is a 6th grade club that allows students to be a part of TAP way before their 8th grade trip.

Members of TAP Jr. participate in the classroom portion or TAP and help us with our fundraisers – concessions at school events, the dodgeball tournament, and sales of candy and raffle tickets.  Kids that are a part of TAP Jr. do get the opportunity to take part in fundraisers that can earn them some money towards their own 8th grade trip.

Most of TAP Jr. is classroom time spent exploring the cultures of the world.  Like Emily Dickenson said, “There is no frigate like a book to take you lands away…”, which means, you may not get to travel the world just yet, but with TAP Jr., you can!  By reading about different cultures, researching history, listening to music, discussing literature, and learning about people – you can take a field trip with your mind.

To be a part of TAP Jr. during your 6th grade year, please fill out the following TAPplication.

Please use complete sentences and answer the three essay questions with well thought out paragraphs.

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